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Few places have the magnificent beauty and feel quite as alien as the Arctic: one of the most inhospitable and toughest places on the planet. Do you have what it takes to make the perilous journey across the many miles of unspoilt snow? With nobody but the powerful polar bear and hungry wolf packs for company? If you do, then treasure awaits! Our demo slot machines offer you the perfect opportunity to become an arctic explorer in search of the riches that lie beneath the dangerous ice and all-encompassing snow of the great white expanse. For those in United Kingdom brave enough to endure the harsh coldness and wide emptiness we have no sign-up slot machine games that will demand all of your cunning and wits to win big! Be careful though, you’ll find more than friendly penguins, slapstick seals, and native Eskimos in our casino games! Get on your sled and weave your way through ice caps as you encounter the cunning white fox and the merciless killer whale, break your way through acres of snow in search of jewels and riches that rival those anywhere in the world! You’ll need to keep a cool head to play our polar-themed video gambling games!