Get your chopsticks ready for Asian slot machines

Visit the orient with Asian slot machines online

Whether it’s the hi-tech robotic wonders of Japan, the vast beauty of the Chinese countryside, with its huge mountains and thousand-year-old buildings, or the neon-lit hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai or Hong Kong, Asia is a place filled with wonders and secrets. Our online Asian slot machines allow you to bring your dreams of becoming the next Bruce Lee to life, as you act out all of your Eastern fantasies in search of fortune, be it the golden tiger or jade dragons! Wield your nun-chucks as an unbeatable kung-fu hero, or rise to the top as a powerful samurai in search of treasure. If all of that is a bit too action-packed for you, then see if you have the elegance and poise to be a geisha amongst the fall cherry blossoms, or take a simple sight-seeing trip in search of the fearsome Asian tiger, or the black and white cuteness of the panda. If you’re in United Kingdom, allow yourself to be taken on an unforgettable journey through our no-registration slot machine games, and discover the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of Asia as you search its corners for big prizes! Balance your yin with your yang, and hope that you were born in the year of the winner!