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What better way to have an evening with friends than a good old-fashioned board game? From the vintage classic chess to the ultra-modern capitalistic property tycoon game Monopoly, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to table-top fun. Now you don’t even need the fuss of getting people together to enjoy a cracking game of backgammon or checkers, we’ve got free demo slot machines that offer all of the fun with none of the lost pieces! If you’ve ever used your steady doctor’s hand with a tense game of Operation, commanded thousands of troops in a world-conquering game of Risk, or racked your brains in search of the killer in a session of Cluedo, you may have what it takes to tackle our online games! For a more cerebral challenge, why not test your vocabulary with some video scrabble, or see how far you can go with a timeless match of dominos. If you’re in United Kingdom, these no sign up slot machine games are the perfect chance to win big and stack prizes with a distinctly old-school flavour. Roll the dice, spin the wheels, and see if you’ve got what it takes to go home with the prize on these board game themed video gambling machines!