Play our bugs slot machine online

Bugs are such a big part of everyday life that even the first children’s book ever written was about butterflies and grasshoppers! You can find them in every corner of the Earth and in every colour imaginable. They can be noisy, scary, or a real nuisance, but we can’t imagine the world without them! If you’re in United Kingdom, come and spin our bugs to get the biggest prize of them all – a shiny gold bug! We have a great warrior – the stag beetle, the always sweet lady bug, and the bug of pharaohs, a scarab beetle, to help you in your quest. Even the bumble bug will joyfully work like crazy for you in our no sign up slot machine games! Our online games bring these incredible little insects to life, with some of the cutest and most colourful buzzing beings around – but watch out for the pests! Delve into their tiny world of flowers, and strange locations as you try to make off with the prizes in these gambline games. Chirping, buzzing, and trilling will be the music of victory as you learn your way through the tiny world of bugs in our no downloads demo slot machines.