Free comic slot machines unleash your superhero!

Free online superhero comic slot machines

No longer the domain of the geek, superheroes are big business now in UK casinos and whoever your favourite DC comic superhero character there’s a free online gaming machine for you – no download required. Whether it’s Batman that gets your utility belt humming, or Wonder Woman that makes you want unleash your lasso of truth, there’s plenty of superheroes to choose from and all their infamous villainous rivals will be right there trying to stop you winning those big jackpots. Take on the Joker, Catwoman, Lex Luthor and plenty more besides with bonus multipliers, wild modifiers, great additional combo rounds, and everything you love about the DC Universe all at the click of a button. Marvel at the free slot machines without download and play out your fantasies today. It’s enough to make you want to wear your underpants on the outside of your trousers and charge around the house in a cape. * Please note, we don’t advocate the wearing of underpants on the outside of your trousers, or indeed charging around your home or office in a cape, as it goes against most general health and safety policies. We do however advise living out your comic-book dreams through our great online free slot machines. Be your own Dark Knight and chase down those big wins while fighting off those dastardly super villains!