Free exciting cops and robbers slot machines

Free online cops and robbers slot machines

From the inimitable Sherlock Holmes, to the street cops of New York City the fight between good and evil has raged on for years. Everybody’s after something; revenge, justice, cash, or just a plain old shoot-up. A bank heist wouldn’t be much fun without a good old shoot out between a determined set of criminal gangsters and the cops charged with protecting our innocent civilians caught in the multi-reel crossfire. Take the big bank job down, protect the innocent, or solve the crimes left behind in our free big bonus multiplier, feature, and bonus games. The choice is yours. Feel like playing the bad guys? Jump in and take down those big scores. Want to wipe the filth from our law-abiding streets, then it’s time to clean up this town and put the bad guys behind bars. We take you from London, to New York, Chicago, Tokyo, as everyone tries to escape with the biggest bag full of swag. There’s a free UK online slot machine for whichever side you decide to join, but this isn’t going to be pretty. Don’t forget to put on that bullet proof vest, and make sure you’ve got plenty of ammunition, because this could be quite a stand off. You may be able to get these slot machine games without a download, but getting away with the cash is a different story altogether!