Battle to big wins at free DC comics slot machines

Free online DC Comics slot machines

Gotham is under siege as Arkham Asylum overflows with criminal masterminds and the police and city officials are still under the grip of corruption and greed. But you can still help the Dark Knight fight back against the daily terror in our free online DC Comics slot machines, available in the United Kingdom without a download required. Expect to see plenty of Bruce Wayne’s major adversaries; catwoman, the joker, Bane, two-face, and all the other big players in the world of Gotham’s criminal underworld. Fight back with Batman’s various abilities and technology at his disposal; the Batmobile, his infamous utility belt, the batamarang, and all the other gadgets and gizmos that reside in the Batcave. Build big multipliers for bonus games and added features that will all add up to a fantastic DC Comic experience for all free slot machines fans. Add to the atmosphere with the sounds of a city creaking under the pressure of a system that is held together by just a few noble heroes, and watch as the reels unveil the next plot they will all have to deal with. But DC Comics isn’t just about the Dark Knight. There’s plenty of DC Comics characters out there on our free gaming machines; Superman, Green Lantern, Wonderman, The Flash, and many more are all waiting for you to join them and start winning today.