Get your teeth into our free Dinosaur slot machines

Terrifying dinosaurs free online slot machines.

Long before man even stepped foot on this planet the dinosaur ruled the lands and reigned in the seas. Enter the jungles of the prehistoric periods on our slot machine games without any deposit required. Come face to face with the king of the food chain, the mighty T-Rexs, and trap them all on the reels to hit big jackpots on our free slot machines in the United Kingdom. This is your Jurassic park casino and although you might want to hide behind your sofa as you’re playing it, those terrifying roars that come rattling through your speakers mean only one thing. You’re onto a big winner. No downloads required, we just travel through time via pterodactyl fossils, velociraptor eggs, woolly mammoth tusks, sabre-toothed tigers, all the way through to the modern day rhino and crocodile like creatures, which give us a glimpse of what it must have been like back then. The Dawn of the Dinosaurs was where it all began though, and if you can avoid being eaten, falling into the odd erupting volcano or two, and try not to get tail-swiped by a giant stegosaurus, then you could walk away with a small fortune, and one hell of a good story to tell your friends down the local pub. They might not believe you, unless you get the drinks in of course!