Discover the world with free Explorer slot machines

Free online great world explorer slot machines

We all had to start somewhere, and nobody stayed still for long. Ever since our emergence from the oceans we’ve strived to travel as far as our legs would take us. Exploration for mankind was not only to find out what was on the other side of a mountain, for many it was a matter of survival. In an ever-connected world, and no downloads required, we often forget that there were once pioneers that travelled through the jungles, the rain forests, across the oceans in search of undersea treasure, and took the inevitable leap into space. Human beings don’t like staying still for too long and our free explorer slot machines pay homage to those who took those first awkward steps away from the campfire. From Marco Polo, to Columbus, and all the other admirals who took to the high seas, we get to see them all and much more in our slot machine games without a deposit required. With multi-reel games featuring iconic images from the polar regions, the Incan tribes, the Native Americans, and all the various animal species that were encountered, hunted, farmed, and tamed, there is plenty to keep an eye out for. The journey to wealth, fame, notoriety, and the opportunity to kick back and watch it all unfold aboard a modern cruise ship direct from the United Kingdom, is just one spin away.