Free and magical fairytale slot machines

Find your charming at online fairytale slot machines

Fairies really do live at the bottom of your garden, and every time you fail to play one of our fairytale slot machine games without deposit one of them gets very sad, and sits behind a toadstool and sulks. Welcome to the wonderful world of fairytales, and everything that comes with them. All your favourites are here, from the Disney princesses, to the fables of old, right through to the modern day fairytales that have captured the imagination of a public desperate for dragons, witches, riches, and glory – all wrapped up in a sugarcoated ending of course. Get lucky on one of our free slot machines and live out your own fairyland dreams, gathering great fortune right here in the United Kingdom as you take on reels full of wizards and witches, grinning Cheshire cats, potions and lotions, elves, and of course fairies galore. Will you find yourself taking the wrong turn on the way to Grandma’s house and running into the big bad wolf, or can your Prince charming come and save the day and free you from the witch’s spell? The sounds of battling armies, mixed in with the entrancing groans of the haunted forests and spooky caves will try to make you lose your way, but there’ll be more than a few friends to help you towards a magic win. How will your fairytale end today?