It’s cowboy time on our Farm Animals slot machines

Free online Farm Animals slot machines

It’s time to saddle up and round up those cattle as we head to the ranches and earn an honest day’s pay on our slot machine games without a deposit required. You will be needing your hat though Cowboy and a good, honest, hard working steed because those cows ain’t gonna move themselves. Keep your feet in the stirrups, have that lasso at the ready, and earn your fortune out on the plains. The more cows you lose, the less coins you’ll be getting paid. Watch out for those wolves ready to prey on the weakest of your herd though. They’ll enjoy nothing better than picking off the youngsters who get split from the main pack, and you’ll always need to keep a close eye out for rattlesnakes, cactuses, and deep ravines where a greedy pack of rustling bandits could well make off with your best of breed. Lost cattle means lost money, and you’ll need to keep ‘em straight and steady on the reels if you’re looking for a big payday on our free slot machines, with no downloads required, in the United Kingdom. Have a good day and it’s off to the casino back in town for a night of gambling and fun. Lose those cows and you could end up sleeping out in the shed with your horse, and a sleepless night on the hay