Scale Mount Olympus in our Greek slot machine games

Free online ancient Greek gods slot machines

The legends of Zeus and his surrounding gods are without compare as they sat atop Mount Olympus looking down with both contempt and sympathy for those that praised or defied them. Our free slot machines, in the United Kingdom, reveal the ways of the infamous gods and goddesses and will bless you with golden riches or leave you with nothing but a set of 300 angry Spartans to deal with. If you do manage to make it through the hot gates and avoid Leonidas and his mighty warriors you’re going to have to deal with plenty of other legends and myths in search of the biggest wins. Take on Medusa in her own lair. Open Pandora’s box if you dare. Face up to the wrath of the almighty Titans. Or reach the peak of Olympus and stare down the big daddy of them all, Zeus himself. Be prepared for multiple reels of lightning bolts, flying horses, multiple headed hydras, and all manner of beasts and monsters desperately trying to stop you from defiling the gods and taking Zeus’ power away for good. Our slot machine games, playable without deposit, will have you enraptured by the mighty power of the ancient Greek gods, all accompanied by the screams and cries of those who went before you and fell into the realm of Kronos. This isn’t going to be easy…