Hit big on Gusher and Black Gold slot machine games

Free online Gusher and Black Gold slot machines

When the first bubbling of that sticky black liquid emerged from the deep south of America many won’t have had the first idea of what they had on their hands, and more importantly what was under their land. From what initially seemed to be nothing but a big black fire hazard came oil and everything that came from the production and development of it. Farmers became tycoons overnight, and barrel upon barrel of this black gold was pumped from the land, and has been ever since. Our slot machine games, available in the United Kingdom without deposit, relive those heady days when the world went mad for Texas tea and Dallas ran wild with more money than the nation had ever seen. Expect to see reel upon reel of spouting oil wells, barrels of black gold, and high stepping new superrich cowboys flaunting their newly bought ten gallon hats on the streets of Dallas, Texas, all accompanied with enough ‘yee-haws’ to get a barn dance started in the middle of an arctic desert. This is the state of the original cowboys, and cowgirls, so expect to see plenty of gun-toting, cigar smoking, money waving tycoons all living it up – Texas style! Play our slot machine games free today and see if you can find that gusher and hit the jackpot big-time with your very own black gold riches!