Come closer these Insect slot machines don’t bite

Free online creepy crawly Insect slot machines

If you’re the kind of person who runs a mile at the sight of a baby spider in your bathtub then this might not be the right place for you. But then again, they do say aversion therapy is a good thing. We’re supposed to face our fears by becoming more knowledgeable about such fears, and in turn learn to cope better with the fright. What better way to conquer your apprehension than to play our free slot machines, here in the United Kingdom, with no download required. We’ve got all your favourites scuttling along your slot reels including those freaky spiders, beetles, scarabs, crickets, mosquitoes, bugs, and caterpillars. But just to put your mind at rest though spiders aren’t actually insects at all, as they have eight legs, and insects only have six. See, the fear is almost gone already. But the bad news is you are afraid of arachnids. At least that’s one step closer to being a bit happier though, isn’t it? Not enough? Okay how about if we give you the chance to win some big jackpots? No? What about giving you some great bonus games, and playing some nice soothing nature-inspired music, while you play? Still no deal? Fine. How about we let you play our slot machine games without even having to make a single deposit? Hang on. We haven’t finished yet…Never mind…Have fun!