Be dazzled with Jewels and Gems slot machine games

Free online Jewels and Gems slot machines

Jewels, gems, crystals, diamonds and more are all awaiting you in our free slot machines games, available to play in the United Kingdom, without any deposit required. Just jump in and enjoy the cascading array of gemstones roll down your screen and explode in multi-coloured expanding win lines, bedazzling feature games, and stunning bonuses. Enjoy the glamour of the finest stones on the planet mined from the most remote regions. Jewels from the Nile valley. Gemstones from the Pacific regions. Arabian rubies and emeralds. The finest quality gems from the Orient and beyond. Even search for new gemstones that haven’t yet been discovered in the jungles of the world, and wander across long lost civilisations that have left their treasures behind. Feel like a princess, put on your crown, and garnish yourself in the finest jewels and gemstones with our free to play slot machines and start building your way to collecting your own personal collection with our big jackpots and huge win features. Expect to see an array of rainbow displays and beautiful explosions of colour as the jewels line up, and the gems roll down with each and every spin of the wheel. But be careful as it soon becomes quite mesmerising, and although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, your eyes are also fairly important too, so do take at least a minute’s break now and again