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Free online high Jungle jinks slot machines

If there is one place in the world you want to be to get up to all sorts of frivolity and adventure then it’s the jungle. Nowhere else in the world can provide you with such an array of wildlife, noise, and sheer madness and that’s exactly what we are giving to you with our free Jungle slot machines. Get ready for reel after reel of tigers, lions, monkeys, tropical birds, snakes, spiders, and everything else you could possibly think of deep inside the wildest place on earth. Play our slot machines online, without real money, in the United Kingdom and set off on quests to search for hidden treasure, famous cities of gold, and long lost civilisations, whose Kings and Queens have left behind so much jackpot winnings you won’t know what to do with it all. Tarzan, the true king of the jungle, is sure to come swinging across your win reels from time to time to reveal hidden bonuses, while other features and wild win lines appear from out of the bushes and trees almost constantly. It’s like a huge playground full of wildlife, plant life, and the good life with big wins waiting for you just around every corner. There’s no deposit required, so go wild in the jungle and start winning big today!