New Ninja Slot Machine Games to Play Online for Free

Win with Ninja Style Slot Machines Online

Does the ancient Asian art of the ninja fascinate you? Have you always wanted to play the part of the ninja in your favourite films, books and storylines? You’ve found yourself in the right place - not only can you play our range of slot machines online without real money, but this collection is inspired completely by ninjas. This theme is accessible throughout the whole of the UK, so you can really get into the spirit of the ninja lifestyle without the need to download a thing. While all things are silent, really get into character and choose from any of our 5 reel free casino games to get your gaming day or night started. You’ll spot these secretive little guys covered head to toe in black darting around the gaming collection with their samurais in hand. We’ve really gotten the games completely into the culture with the Japanese themed symbols and lettering, splashed with bright colours to give the games a little more glamour. Jump from lotus flowers to samurai swords, horses and golden Buddha statues as the spin the slot machines and try to track down the gold. Just remember to act like a Ninja when you’re spinning to search for your fortune with all of the action and play the part!