Play Top Secret Slot Machine Games Online

We’re sure if even James Bond knew about our secret hub of the best free slot machines to even be kept online, not even he’d be able to keep it to himself. That’s right, we know 007 himself would shout about our spy themed slot machine online games because they’re just that good. For a great collection available to play across the whole of the UK, get yourself into the oh so secretive spy frame of mind to have the greatest of fun with our most secretive collection yet. Spy yourself all the secrets of the trade with veterans such as Sherlock at his Baker Street abode, Agent 7 himself and even a few characters we’ve thrown in for fun. You’ll spot all of the tricks of the trade from spyglasses and magnifying glasses, hit men in dark corners and all the things that Sherlock Holmes loved most – his pipe, footsteps, a revolver, trusty sniffer dog and even a few beautiful ladies. For some added extra fun, we’ve given you some agents in an under water setting, tools from knives to guns and finally gold coins and secretive spy books! You’ll be sure to have the most fun with the secretive spy theme.