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Did you love battleships as a child? Were the stories of pirates, the Spartans and King Arthur your favourites? Well just when you thought there’d be nothing to continue your love of the joyful spars in history, you found us! With a huge rang of retro, ancient and modern day battle inspired games, our ware themed slot machines are available to play anywhere within the UK without the need of a real war zone! Play our slot machine online games, with a mix of army inspired designs through to the olden day jousts. This collection boasts great and memorable wartime characters from the world war, such as olden time navy commanders, complete with hats, missiles and long lost wives, as well as Vikings from the empire with their metal helmets and cross symbols. Spin the reels to battle your way through to jackpot victory. You’ll enjoy all things classing and historical mixed in with a few fun and silly additions. Spy space wars with mythological characters from out of this world, through to film adaptations complete with show reels, starts, young kissing couples in love and theatre masks. Whichever era is for you, there’s definitely a battle to be won for everyone with slot machine games from our war theme.