Get Wild Wins with These Slot Machine Games Online

Become totally wild with Wild symbol online slot machine games

When you’re a fan of all things wild, whether it’s the level of your win or historical events, we know you’ll be an even bigger fan of this wild collection we’ve pulled together for you here. Find our free slot machines online, with no downloads needed at all, available to play from anywhere in the UK. With the wild theme in mind, we’ve given this range of slot machine online games a couple of bonus rounds so that you’ll be hunting down that wild win. Spot the wild symbols in place of the regular kind for even more wins! And what kind of gaming site would we be if we didn’t coordinate the themes? We’ve styled up these games with all things wild. Inspired by action heroes, from Captain America to Mummy and Zeus at the Pantheon, exotic backgrounds like: amazon jungles, rain forests, Wild west, night parties, arctic Alaska, African safari or romantic getaways, and wild animals, such as lions, leopards, cougars, zebras, buffalo, bull, goose cheetahs and not forgetting the wild panda, wolf, bear, butterfly, turkey, huskies, horses, mustangs, stallion, monkey, we know you’re wild spirit will come out in no time. With plenty of chances to find that extra win whilst playing our wild collection of games, you’ll spot traditional dices, cherries, orchid flowers, hearts, spades, diamond and clubs, four star leaf clovers jewels and wild gems, lucky number sevens and bar signs to really get your ready for your win! You’re really felt wild when you’re spinning the slots ready to strike it rich.